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First Connections Logo October course start Early Childhood - First Connections October 2021 is a Course

Early Childhood - First Connections October 2021

Starts Oct 1, 2021
45.0 credits

Spots remaining: 3

$25 Enroll

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This course section begins on October 1, 2021!

First Connections is a multifaceted, comprehensive telecommunications project offering education about infants and toddlers to teachers, caregivers, and parents across the state of Nebraska and beyond. It gives caregivers a technology-based training opportunity (worth 45 in-service clock hours). The argument for high-quality child care is strengthened by recent research that highlights the importance of early environmental experiences on the developing infant’s brain and ultimately on the child’s overall development. Since this research stresses the importance of positive responsive caregiver-child interactions on the young children’s cognitive and psychosocial development, First Connections uses developmental information and reflective assignments to help caregivers expand their skills in these areas. The cost for the course is $25 and must be completed in 90 days. There are 6 Modules, each with multiple units, assignments, and a quiz at the end. All work must be completed fully in order for completion credit to be given. All coursework must be submitted by December 28, 2021.